Afghanistan NGO to Publish Book About Slain Japanese Dr. Nakamura

An Afghan group will publish a picture book about the slain Japanese Dr. Tetsu Nakamura, who dedicated his life to improving lives in Afghanistan.

Gahwara, a nongovernmental organization based in the country, plans to issue in June a total of 2,500 copies in Dari and Pashto, both of which are official languages in Afghanistan. The book, which will be about Nakamura’s work in Afghanistan over the past three decades, may also be translated into Japanese.

Nakamura, who was a representative in Afghanistan of Japanese aid group Peshawar-kai, would be leading a safe and comfortable life if he had stayed in Japan, said the NGO’s founder, Zabih Mahdi, expressing his gratitude for his contributions.

The doctor, who was killed last month at age 73, sacrificed himself and changed Afghanistan, he said, stressing that he wants to spread the message that Afghans must sacrifice something in order to improve living conditions in the country.

For the publication of the picture book about Nakamura, Japanese mail-order company Felissimo Corp. will supply financial assistance so that copies of the book can be distributed to schools and kindergartens in Afghanistan for free.

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