President Ghani Harshly Reacted to Parliament’s Decision for Next Fiscal Year’s Draft Budget

One week after the Lower House of Parliament rejected the draft budget for the fiscal year of 1400, President Ghani says that the parliament’s responsibility is only to “reject” or “accept” the draft budget.

President Ghani raised this issue at today’s cabinet meeting. He said that according to the constitution, the preparation and presentation of the budget is the work of government and that parliament can only reject or approve it.
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“Parliament cannot replace the government in terms of the constitution,” he stressed. “The constitution makes it clear that budgeting is the responsibility of government. It is the parliament’s responsibility to either accept it or reject it.”

In the meantime, the President said that additional projects will not be included in the draft budget for the fiscal year of 1400. He added that the government can not afford “billions of large-scale projects.”

The draft budget for the fiscal year 1400 was rejected by the Lower House seven days ago.

The Finance and Budget Commission of the House of Representatives announced that the budget plan for the year solar year of 1400 had 17 serious problems. The removal of 1,131 provincial projects, the allocation of large sums of money to the operational unit of the Office of Presidential Affairs, the allocation of 1.8 billion Afghanis to the 91 precautionary code and another 1.8 billion Afghanis in the 92 precautionary code have been cited as the main problems.

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