Force Should Not Be Used To Send Afghans Back Home: Pakistani Senate Panel

The Pakistan’s Senate Functional Committee has suggested that Afghan refugees should not be forced to return to Afghanistan.

As many as 2.8 million Afghans are living in Pakistan, with each Afghan family consisting of 7.2 persons and 74 per cent of them born in Pakistan, Chief Commissioner of Pakistan for Afghan Refugees Saleem Khan said.

“Out of 2.8m Afghans, 1.4m are registered, 850,000 have Afghan residence cards and around half a million have been living without documents. Only 32pc Afghans are in refugee camps and 68pc have shifted out of the camps to different parts of the country,” Mr Khan said.

Giving further details, he said that 58pc Afghans were residing in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 23pc in Balochistan, 11pc in Punjab, 4.5pc in Sindh and 2.4pc were living in the federal capital.

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