Afghanistan and Iran Make Progress On Finalizing The Joint Comprehensive Cooperation Document

Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday informed that Afghanistan and Iran have made progress on signing the joint comprehensive cooperation document and the two sides are waiting for two out of five committees, to finalize their talks.

Iran and Afghanistan have held talks with five committees over signing this document and so far, talks have been finalized by three of them. These are the committees of water, refugees and culture, according to the foreign ministry.

“We agreed with the committees of water, culture and refugees. But our disagreements have not been solved with the committees of security and economic and transit, so discussions should continue,” Sebghatullah Ahmadi, MoFA spokesperson said.

One of the issues Iran and Afghanistan have disagreed on so far, is the issue of water and now talks have been finalized on this.

“We have reached the demands we wanted. And the Helmand River Treaty will be implemented fully by the two sides,” according to Ahmadi.

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