Authorities Concerned As People Continue Using Hakim Alkozay’s COVID-19 ‘Cure’

Authorities are concerned as people continue to visit Hakim Alkozay for his COVID-19 “cure” which has been banned by the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH).

Health officials said that Alkozay’s “secret medicine” contained opium derivatives and banned it in early June.

However, believers and desperate Afghans are turning to the purported cure as hospitals struggle to deal with the influx of patients.
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The traditional herbalist, hakim, claims that three drops of his mixture will provide instant relief from Coronavirus symptoms.

“If someone is sick, they would obviously seek any cure they can find; they won’t care how much narcotics are in a medicine,” a Kabul citizen told The National.

He turned to Alkozay’s treatment when 24 mmbers of the family tested positive for COVID-19.

They did not go to the hospital and instead put themselves in home quarantine and started the hakim’s medicine soon after, along with traditional medication prescribed by a relative who is also a doctor.

The MoPH had found that the high amount of narcotics can cause addiction if not used properly. Moreover, it had not undergone any testing or randomised trials to check its claims.

When the government tried to close the Kabul clinic on May 31, people took to the streets protesting the closure.

Meanwhile, his other clinics in Herat and Kandahar remain open, despite ministry efforts to have the Herat clinic shut down.

The hakim continues to distribute his medicines free of charge with the help of local, unnamed donors.

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