Afghan-German Cooperation To Reconstruct Road In Takhar To Benefit 36,000 People

The Afghan-German Cooperation and Takhar’s Directorate of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (DRRD) signed a 109 million AFN contract for reconstructing a two-kilometre road in the Taloqan district of the province.

The project will start at Pule-e-Jalat village and end at Nowabad-e-Puleqak village.

The Afghan-German Cooperation’s Regional Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) will support and fund the project which will benefit around 36,000 citizens who live in the districts of Chaal, Bangi, and Eshkamesh.

During construction, the materials will be provided by local stores and the labour will come from the surrounding areas.

“The implementation of this project will bring positive impacts for the residents’ living conditions. The travel time between three districts will be significantly reduced. In the future, the reconstructed road can be used as an alternative way to Takhar-Kunduz main highway to prevent traffic jams,” said DRRD’s director Sebghatullah Nazari.

Residents had complained that the dirt and gravel road would get muddy and untraversable during the rainy season, making access difficult.

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