Afghan Armed Forced Well Equipped: Gen Sadat

The Senior Deputy Interior Minister for Security Gen. Khosal Sadat has assured that the Afghan armed forces are well equipped.

During a large consultative gathering in Kabul Police Headquarters on Tuesday, Gen. Sadat said the armed forces, specifically the police forces are equipped with modern military equipment and stood out resolutely against the enemies of Afghanistan.
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He also added that the enemies and their supporters are in a “state of despair” as the Afghan armed forces have “turned their dreams into a nightmares” for them.

Furthermore, Gen. Sadat said the security forces have also killed or detained various crime kingpins besides fighting the terror groups.

Gen. Sadat further added that the armed forces will never have mercy on criminal gangs and promised that the security forces will adopt similar approach against the criminal gangs as they deal with the terror groups.

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