Three Croatian Soldiers Injured in Attack on Contingent Vehicle in Kabul

Three Croatian soldiers were injured in an attack on a Croatian military vehicle that took place early on Wednesday morning in the Afghan capital of Kabul, Defence Minister Damir Krsticevic confirmed in an emergency press conference, according to N1 News.

All three were transferred to the nearby hospital, with one of the soldiers in critical condition.

“This is an isolated attack, and the rest of the Croatian contingent is safe,” Krsticevic said.
The attack happened at around 8 am as the troops were driving towards the nearby camp, when a three-wheeled motor vehicle drove into one of the three armoured vehicles in the formation.

Croatian military personnel is stationed in Afghanistan as part of Resolute Support, a NATO-led mission which provides training, assistance, and advice to Afghan security units and institutions in conflict with extremist groups. The mission, which began in January 2015, consists of more than 13,000 troops, with Croatia contributing with around 100 soldiers.

“All our troops deployed to Afghanistan are there to contribute as advisors and mentors, they are not taking part in military operations. They’re there to help with organising Afghan security forces, which makes this attack difficult to understand,” said Robert Kranj, director of the Croatian Army general headquarters.

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