Afghan Ambassador To Pakistan Resigns, Cites Higher Education Plans

Afghanistan’s ambassador to Islamabad Atif Mashal said he had resigned and posted his letter to President Ashraf Ghani on social media on Wednesday.

Mashal wrote that this was the second time he had sent a resignation letter to Kabul, the first being in mid-January.

The reasons cited by Mashal at both times remained the same. He wished to continue his higher education in the U.K.

“Not being able to take advantage of education opportunities… made it difficult for me to continue working. I had to submit my resignation letter to the President,” he wrote on Twitter.

He said he was “grateful” for getting the opportunity to serve Afghanistan and “proud” that he had done his job well.

“The end of my current mission is not the end of serving my country, but in the future I will continue to work for my country if my homeland allows.”

President Ashraf Ghani accepted his resignation.

Mashal had been appointed Afghanistan’s envoy to Pakistan in November 2018.

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