Big Weapons Cache Discovered, Seven Killed in Helmand

NDS reported that a big weapons cache of Taliban group was discovered and 7 Taliban insurgents were killed in Helmand province.
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As a result of NDS elite forces operation in Kajaki district of Helmand province on a hideout of Mohammad Khan, a military district chief of the group in Kangom Rez area of Kajaki district, a big weapon cache of the group was discovered, NDS said in a statement on Wednesday.

The statement added that, seven Taliban insurgents were killed in the operation. National Directorate of Security elite forces demolished 21 thousand kilograms of explosives during the operation, as per NDS

A rocket launcher, 4 rifles, a Ak-47 rifle, 50 rounds of SPG9 rockets, 300 rounds of RGP7 rockets, 2 anti-personnel mines, 2 radio sets, a Pakistani identity card and more than 150 thousand rounds of ammunition were confiscated from the cache by NDS elite forces.

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