Minister of Women’s Affair: 45% of Women Become Addict Due to Family Men’s Influences

The Minister of Women’s Affair says that research conducted in the recent years indicate that 45% of Afghan women become addicts by family men.
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Addressing a conference on Tuesday under the theme “Women’s Addiction to Drugs is the Motive of Robbing Safe Environment of Family” Ms Delbar Nazari said that: “drug prevention is part of the activities of Ministry of Women’s Affairs and we have also directed Provincial Women’s Affairs Directorate to cooperate with relevant institutions who work to prevent addiction because women addiction undermines the foundation of the families.”

She added that, the only source of violence in families is addiction and when women become addicts, it not only detrimental to their life but also contribute to the deteriorating of the families.

Previously the Ministry of Women’ Affairs had announced that about 1 million women are addicted.
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