CE Abdullah: Efforts For Election Doesn’t Signal Ignoring The Peace Process

The chief executive of the government Dr Abdullah Abdullah says that the efforts to hold elections does not mean ignoring the peace process, because the main obstacle to peace is the Taliban, and for the hope of eliminating the obstacles, delay in the election is not justified.

Speaking at World Mother’s Day occasion on Wednesday, Dr. Abdullah said that: “continuation of peace process does not mean that we overlook the election. This is the process that the people of Afghanistan are committed to and the preparation are taken for holding presidential elections.”

He added that the Independent Election Commission (IEC) provided the platform for new round of voter registration and participation in this process is the first step towards the success of presidential election.

“We expect the Afghan people to make this process successful, and by maintaining its independence, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) should continue the works in order to witness a change in the results of election for the better future of our country,” Abdullah stressed.

He added that if one night before the election and the day after it, the framework for a peaceful settlement which is acceptable for the people of Afghanistan is provided, the people will welcome it, but they do not accept neglect of the process even for a moment or day.

“Peace is a priority for the majority of people of Afghanistan and despite the challenges, all of us must strive to overcome obstacles”, said the chief executive of NUG.

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