IECC Begins Process of Registering Complaints From New Round of Voter Registration

The Independent Election Complaints Commission says that for the last two days, the process of registering complaints for the new round of voter registration has started.

Speaking in a news conference in Kabul, Qasem Elyasi, the secretary and spokesman for the Independent Election Complaints Commission said that, in addition to start of the new round of voter registration, the commission has begun its work for registering the complaints of the process and since Tuesday, the staff of the commission have been instructed to register the complaints of the process of voter registration.

He added that, 35 centers in Kabul are covered by Election Complaints Commission staff and since yesterday, the provincial offices have also been tasked to (mobile visits) register and categorize the complaints.
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The spokesman of Election Complaints Commission stressed that, although the process of registering the complaints has begun since last two days, but so far, the exact figures for complaints are not clear.

He added that there will be a joint meeting tomorrow with the election commission to talk about the lack of enough voter registration centers, and if the Election Commission has facilities, they will provide more centers for the process.

Election Complaints Commission will make every effort in the framework of its authorities to hold presidential election, as per Elyasi.

Meanwhile, the new round of voter registration started on June 8 and is set to continue till June 29.

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