Afghanistan Spent $36.7 Million in COVID-19 Response

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) announced that $36.7 million had been spent so far on their fight against the Coronavirus pandemic in Afghanistan.

Hafizullah Sadat, head of the MoPH finance department, said that the total budget allocated for the COVID-19 response amounted to $155.7 million of which $15 million had been provided by the Afghan government, $100.4 million by the World Bank and another $40 million by the Asian Development Bank.

Of the Afghan government’s contribution, about $12.7 million has been spent so far and another $30.8 million will be spent through the donors to purchase medical equipment and for the construction and upkeep of hospitals.

The Treasury Department’s has said this value does not include the medical aid and equipment which has been donated to Afghanistan.

However, the lack of transparency in spending of the Coronavirus funds and corruption saw the arrest of a MoPH employee for taking a bribe of $80,000.

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