COVID-19: Afghan Gov’t Makes Face Masks Compulsory, Tightens Rules for Older People

The office of second vice-president announced about new plans for prevention of the coronavirus which were approved at an extraordinary meeting on Wednesday.

The meeting was held on Wednesday morning, chaired by Sarwar Danesh, the Second Vice President and Chairman of the National Committee for countering coronavirus at the Presidential Palace.

The measures to combat coronavirus are considered in “short-term, medium-term and long-term stages”.

In the first phase, which is planned for three months is that wearing face mask becomes mandatory, observing a distance of two meters between the people and older people banned to leave their homes in extended lockdown.

The disinfecting of workplace, providing sanitary facilities for employees and observing two shifts at this stage are compulsory.

According to the Office of the Second Vice President, the plan is scheduled to be submitted to the Cabinet for final decision after a series of reforms.

At the extraordinary meeting of the anti-corona committee, the plan to “create a national movement and mobilize against COVID-19” was also approved.

The plan, drafted by the Kabul Medical Council, emphasized all the coordination between citizens, the private sector and government agencies to combat the coronavirus and its consequences.

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