About 2000 Afghan Inmates in Iran Will Move to Their Country

Iran’s deputy minister of human rights and international affairs, Justice Minister and head of the Justice Ministry’s Convicts Transfer Committee, said more than 2,000 Afghan convicts are ready to move to their country.
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Speaking on the sidelines of the Convicts ‘Transfer Committee and while referring to the coronavirus outbreak, Mahmoud Abbasi said that the case of more than 2,000 Afghan convicts is on the agenda of the committee, which, in the context of the convicts’ transfer agreement, is that Iran is ready to move them to their countries to serve their sentences in Afghanistan’s prisons.

“We are consulting with Afghan political and judicial authorities to move these convicts as quickly as possible,” he said.

Last month, the head of the Justice Ministry’s Convicts Transfer Committee announced: “The transfer has been carried out with the agreement of the ministers of justice of Iran and Afghanistan.”

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