Afghanistan’s Export Will Increase to $1 Billion in New Year

The Afghan Ministry of Industry and Commerce announced that Afghanistan exports will increase to one billion dollars in 1398 (2019).

Sameer Rasa, senior public relation advisor and spokesman of ministry of industry and commerce said in a press conference on Wednesday about the priorities of the ministry adding that Afghanistan’s exports will reach to $ 1 billion next year.

“The growth of exports, increasing the business environment and raising the level of investment in Afghanistan are three priorities for the Ministry of Industry and Commerce for 2019,” Rasa added.

According to him, the development of air and ground corridors, the transport of Afghan cargo from Chabahar to India and the growth of regional cooperation are the main factors of increasing exports for 2019 and subsequent years.

Ministry spokesman attributed the 2.7 percent drop in exports to drought, adding that Afghanistan has grown dramatically in manufacturing.

Rasa elaborated that since the establishment of the air corridors, 6200 tons of goods have already been transported to European and Asian countries, and through Lajward route, in first trade shipment 75 tons of merchandise were exported to Turkey and recently as well, the first trade shipment from Nimroz route to Chabahar port and from there it will be exported to India.

Speaking about the importance of Afghanistan Central Business Registry, he stated that, deficiencies in this office were solved and necessary reforms were made.
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At present, the services at central business registry office are provided transparently and promptly and traders can obtain their business license in shortest time.

Sameer Rasa said that drafting of the new municipalities law and the amendments to the principles of commercial trials are other achievements in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, which will provide groundwork for further building and creating a more open trading environment.

According to the Central Statistical Office, Afghanistan’s economic growth in 2018 has increased to 2.7% and industry growth to 8.7%.

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