NATO FMs Make No Final Decision on Withdrawal of Troops from Afghanistan: Stoltenberg

NATO foreign minister made no final decisions on force posture in Afghanistan, but are determined to take all necessary measures to keep our troops safe, according to a statement issued on Wednesday.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in press conference following the meeting of NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs said, Ministers also continued consultations on our presence in Afghanistan.

“We all see that there is no easy solution. There is no risk-free path ahead and we need to prepare for all options,” he said.

Ministers emphasised their full support to all efforts to reinvigorate the peace process.

Because a negotiated solution is the only way to achieve a sustainable peace, which prevents Afghanistan from again becoming a platform for international terrorism.

“Today, we made no final decisions on our force posture, but we are determined to take all necessary measures to keep our troops safe. We will continue to consult very closely in the days and weeks to come, and we continue to decide and act together, as Allies.”

“We have now an historic opportunity to reach a political peaceful negotiated solution to the conflict in Afghanistan. Because we have now a peace process, peace talks. And we have also seen a renewed effort by the United States to reinvigorate those talks. And after decades of fighting, violence, we are now closer to an agreement and have been ever before.
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” “At the same time, we are all realistic and we know that it’s a hard way forward to make real progress. And we have no guarantees for that the peace talks will succeed.,” he added.

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