President Ghani Inaugurates Kamal Khan Dam in Nimroz

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani officially inaugurated the Kamal Khan dam in Nimroz province on Wednesday.

The inaguaration ceremony was also attended by the two Vice-Presidents Amrullah Saleh and Sarwar Danish and a number of high ranking government officials.

“Today, those who are fighting, should think about Kamal Khan Dam for a few minutes,” President Ghani said, adding that those who are fighting have deprived Afghans from hundreds of dams.

Ghani noted that Afghans must use the country’s hidden wealth, saying “today the control of this dam is owned by us.
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He also emphasized that Afghanistan still stands on its commitment in providing water to Iran, President, adding that but “not more than what was committed.”

Kamal Khan Dam is one of the most important water dams in the country, the design and construction of which began in 1975.

The first phase of the construction of the Dam was completed in the solar year of 1212 and the second phase in 1215. The construction of the third phase of this section had started at the end of the month of 2017. At the time, the cost of building the dam was estimated at $ 78 million.

Kamal Khan Dam has a storage capacity of 52 million cubic meters of water, which can irrigate about 174,000 hectares of agricultural lands.

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