President Ghani Allocates Two-Billion Budget for Kuchies ‘Nomads’

A two billion Afghani budget has been allocated to Kuchies and development programs for the nomadic tribe for the first time, President Ashraf Ghani announced on Wednesday. President Ghani said the budget is not enough and will increase as the year passes.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the National Conference of Kuchies Development Program, Mr. Ashraf Ghani said that in an amount should be allocated for nomads in every ministry’s budget.

He said that no ministry can neglect allocating a budget to this class after the establishment of the Kuchi Development Councils, based on the Covenant of Citizens Program.

President Ghani said one person will be chosen as Kuchi representative for coordination with the Afghan cabinet.
While stating that in order to understand the deprivation of the nomads, there is a need for a national debate, president Ghani added that, “I would like to urgently provide pastures, winter and summer shelter and drinking water for the nomads, and in construction of new areas and lands, special contribution should be allocated for Kuchies.”

Mr. Ghani also said that hereafter, a special contribution should be made for Kuchies in national meetings and debates and given their necessities and problems, a five-year development plan should be devised for them.

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