Nai: Government Aspires to Act Against Freedom of Speech

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan says that Afghan government wants take steps against freedom of speech.

In response to recent statement of Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology in an interview with BBC Persian, Nai said in a statement, “This is the most concerning action that the National Unity Government has taken in last few years to confine freedom of expression.”

Telecommunications Minister’s remarks are against constitution and it is the first step towards tyrannizing the system, Nai said in the statement.

Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan has urged international organizations who support freedom of expression that through legal pressures and official channels hold Afghan government accountable to its commitment.

Meanwhile, Shahzad Aryobee, Minister of Communications and Information Technology in an interview with the BBC had said, “We have made Internet access local and now we are able to censor anything we want to do, we can block things which is not necessary or pose harms to Afghanistan and our tradition and culture”.

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