CoST Afghanistan Reports On Challenges in Implementing 16 National Infrastructure Projects

CoST Afghanistan report on transparency and accountability on the National Infrastructure Projects, highlights key challenges in the implementation and disclosure of project information, according to Wasdam.

According to the report’s findings, the Government of Afghanistan has prioritized 16 National infrastructure projects in the National Infrastructure Plan (NIP) (2017-2021) under the 1st Afghanistan National Peace and Development Framework (ANPDF) (2017-2021) with the estimated value of around 6 billion USD. The studies show that none of the prioritized projects have been completed so far and likewise the information related to most of the projects were not disclosed publicly and proactively.

As part of the report, the assessment of the disclosure of information indicates that only information of 6 out of 16 national infrastructure projects, have been proactively disclosed in the Afghanistan Government Electronic and Open Procurement System (AGEOPS), while the information of additional projects (10 projects) have not been proactively disclosed.”

Therefore, establishing a specific disclosure portal under the AGEOPS system for disclosure of infrastructure projects information and adopting the new disclosure standards, OC4IDS, could potentially alleviate these challenges and modernize the disclosure process.

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