Late Gen Raziq’s Brother Breaks Silence, Says “We will not give up”

Late Police Chief of Kandahar Gen Raziq was assassinated in October 2018. His brother, Tadin Khan was soonafter appointed as the acting police chief of the province,
who has now promised revenge for his brother.

“You did it for Punjab (Pakistan’s ISI) as you bear the burden of serving them,” Khan stated on social media while referring to his brother’s assassination.

He added, “I am warning them that we will get to you. Your future generation will regret your action… We will not give up.” He said that wherever they are, in Iran or Pakistan, he will not give up.

Afghanistan’s intelligence agencies’ findings showed said that Raziq’s killing was plotted in Pakistan.

Khan says that he is just carrying forward the same strategy adopted by his brother to counter the country’s enemies, “He was against thieves, Taliban, ISI, and stooges of Iran and Russia”.

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