Ghani’s Peace Plan Includes a 12 Members Negotiation Team

President Ghani at Geneva Summit unveiled the new five-year peace plan and within the proposal is an appointed 12 member negotiating team.

Although it is subject to change, the following are tentative members of the team.

• Abdul Salam Rahimi, Chief of Staff of the President
• Mohammad Mirwais Balkhi, Minister of Education
• Hasina Safi, Minister of Information and Culture
• Abdul Wahab Balakarzai, Deputy Minister of Higher Education • Dr. Alema, Deputy Minister of Refugees and Repatriation

• General Ebadullah Ebad, Deputy of National Directorate of Security • Shahgul Rezaee, Member of Wolesi Jirga
• Attaullah Ludin, Member of Ulema Council
• Shamim Katawazai, governor of Paktia province
• Abdullah Attai, Member of Supreme Court
• Tooryali Ghiasi, Director of Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs • Abdul Hakim Muneeb, Deputy Minister of Haj and Religious Affairs

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