Saleh: Individual Generators Banned In Kabul Markets

First Vice President Amrullah Saleh said on Wednesday that they had decided to ban the use of individual generators in markets and commercial stores.

Saleh, in a detailed Facebook post, said that all markets would be given the opportunity to buy a large and common generator. This will allow pedestrians to reclaim the sidewalks and reduce air and noise pollution.
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He said that small stores and restaurants in Qargha have been asked to follow the plans designed by trained experts or they will be demolished.

The work of the Kabul traffic police was criticised as they were not able to maintain order, Saleh said.

He said that Kabul witnessed six criminal and two terrorist events in the past day.

He also said that the plan to manage the gathering of visa applicants at the Pakistani Embassy in Kabul will also be finalised within the next three days.

“I will fulfil my promise and we will not let our people be humiliated for lack of order in getting visas,” he said.
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