MoFH, SCA Inaugurated Orthopedic Center of Wazir Akbar Khan Hospital

The Ministry of Public Health (MoFH) and the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) have Inaugurated the technical Orthopedic Center of Wazir Akbar Khan Hospital on Wednesday.
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The technical Orthopedic Center has been constructed and equipped by the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, worth around 150,000 EUR.

“More than one million persons suffered from disability which makes 4.8 percent of the Afghan population. Disability is a major problem in Afghanistan where more than forty years’ war causes more and more disabilities”. says the Minister of Public Health, Ferozedin Feroz and he added, “we are grateful from the Swedish Committee and European Union for constructing the Technical Orthopedic Center for differently able persons, the center will provide them physical rehabilitation service, wheelchair, artificial hand and feet, club feet and so on.

Sonny Monsson, Country Director for the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan says: “this is a great privilege for me as the Country Director of SCA to attend inaugural ceremony of Wazir Akbar Khan Physical Rehabilitation Center. SCA renovated this orthopedic center under the prosthetic and orthotic diploma training project and equipped with required machineries”

He added. “I wish this rehabilitation center serve thousands of persons with disability in country in the future. I would like to take the opportunity to the honorable Health Minister to make effort to expand physical rehabilitation to all BPHS and EPHS facilities as per the government mandates”.

SCA’s Disability Programme, as one of the largest programme in the country implements both Community Based and Institutional Based rehabilitation in the 12 provinces of Afghanistan. The Programme aims at the rehabilitation, equalization of opportunities, poverty reduction and social inclusion of people with disabilities.

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