If the Government Doesn’t Cooperate, will Take Actions to Defend our People: Ghazni Representatives

A number of Ghazni representatives in the parliament and the Provincial Council at a news conference in Kabul emphasized that they have not received any actionfrom the government on the Taliban attack on Jaghori district since the morning, despite frequent contacts with the authorities of the security agencies.

“As we are talking here now, the intense fighting between the people and the Taliban in Jaghori continues, and no government forces have come there,” said Syed Abdul Qayum Sajjadi, Ghazni MP.

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These representatives of the Ghazni people emphasize that Jaghori residents are now under the attack of the Taliban because they are supporting the current government.

Mr. Sajadi stated that during a meeting with the Afghan Minister of Defense, the Defense Minister has said that the defensive forces will arrive in Jaghori today until sunset.
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However, Ghazni representatives do not believe in these promises of security institutions, and they insist: “We are demanding the government to act urgently to help Jaghori; otherwise we will act to defend our people.”

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