Local Sources: No Government Force Reached Jaghori, Taliban Pushed Backed by Local Forces

Bashir Ali Shafaq, head of the provincial Council of Hizb-e Wahdat Islami Mardum-e Afghanistan told Reporterly that local forces are cleaning up the Hotqol area of Jaghori district and the Taliban have been pushed back.

“The Taliban are fleeing to the area of the Larga, and the people as uprising forces are also pursuing them,” Shafqa continued.

He added that what confronted the war was the sheltering of the Taliban in residential homes.

Shafaq further emphasized that the government has not yet reached the areas where the war is taking place and that the resistance that has so far been shown is carried out by the people themselves.

He noted that the government has not yet provided any air and land assistance to Jaghori.

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