Non-biometric Votes Are Unacceptable: Faramarz Tamana

The Presidential candidate, Faramarz Tamana has said that pure votes must be separated from foul ballots and even a single non-biometric vote will be acceptable.

Speaking to a press conference on Wednesday, Tamana said, “We thank all those who voted for him in the election and also the security forces for providing the security on Election Day.”

Tamana criticized the media for not providing more opportunities for debate between the Presidential candidates, wanted more opportunities to share ideas and programs with public.

Faramarz Tamana called for announcement of election results as soon as possible.
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Based on estimation, election calendar had predicted 9 million turnout for election, but only about two million voters have participated in the presidential election, the results of the election must be announced sooner than anticipated.

He added that he will accept transparent election results if major fraud does not change the outcome.

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