McMaster: Trump’s Afghanistan Policy A ‘Travesty’

Former U.S. national security advisor HR McMaster called President Donald Trump’s Afghanistan policy a “travesty,” and that his deal with the Taliban constitutes appeasement similar to Europe’s accommodation with Adolf Hitler in the Munich agreement of 1938.

The Washington Post said that McMaster, who is promoting his new book, gave an online talk at the Alexander Hamilton Society, a non-profit foreign policy network, and said that the U.S. commitment in Afghanistan had been on track to be sustainable and effective when he had still been the national security adviser.

But in making a deal with the Taliban, McMaster said that Trump has now betrayed the mission and undermined U.S. security.

By trying to bring the Taliban into the Afghan government and then pressuring the Afghan government to go along, Trump repeated and then exceeded the flaws of the Obama administration’s approach to Afghanistan, McMaster said.

Trump, he said, apparently forgot that the Taliban are the enemy, and that they are intertwined with terrorist groups.

“These are some of the most horrible people on earth. These are the enemies of all civilized people.
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By dealing with the Taliban, the U.S. cancelled out its legal and moral motivation for its intervention, McMaster said, adding that Trump’s strategy “renders the war unjust, because we no longer have defined a just end.”

“It is just a travesty,” said McMaster, predicting failure. “We will pay the price, and we will be back. We will have to go back, and at a much higher cost.”

Gabriel Scheinmann, executive director of the Alexander Hamilton Society, asked McMaster: “Is this our Munich agreement? Are we pursuing a policy of appeasement with Taliban?”

“Yes, yes, we are,” McMaster replied.

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