Saleh: Posters Of Criminals To Be Placed Around Kabul City

First Vice President Amrullah Saleh announced his fourth order regarding the rptoection of Kabul city on Wednesday in a detailed Facebook post.

He announced that the photos of criminals and fugitives will be printed on posters and placed around Kabul to help people, and to inculcate the fear of public shaming within the wrongdoers.

Kabul Municipality has also been tasked to clear the sidewalks from encroachment so that people can see the impact in the coming days. Saleh said the partial clearing of sidewalks was not a deterrent and greater action was needed to punish the encroachers.

Police checkpoints will also be equipped with sound-recording cameras so that those who use physical “force” or their official “position” to misbehave with the police will be identified.

Saleh also noted that foreign and domestic “enemies” publish a list of rumours against the security forces every day and this is rooted in “psychological warfare.”

He dismissed the accusations as “baseless slander” and said the police will not let this go unanswered and the accusers must be willing to provide proof or an apology.

According to him, defending the military uniform is defending the “skin and cover of the system.”

The first vice president says that the tax bill and the work on undocumented vehicles will be completed as such vehicles will be confiscated within the next two months and be given to the police for patrols.

He also said that they are working on a plan to increase the number of public toilets.

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