Stoltenberg: Around 12,000 Troops In Afghanistan, Further Reductions Conditions-Based

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on Wednesday that the current troop levels in Afghanistan are at around 12,000 and any further adjustments will be conditions-based.
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Addressing the issues ahead of the Allied Defence Ministers meeting, Stoltenberg said they will scrutinise the NATO training mission in Afghanistan, since it is their largest.
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“In Afghanistan, NATO has around 12,000 troops in the Alliance’s biggest mission. As part of the peace process, we have adjusted our presence. Any further adjustments remain conditions-based,” he said.

He also called on the Taliban to live up to their commitments as part of their agreement with the U.S.

“The Taliban must live up to their commitments, significantly reduce the levels of violence, and pave the way for a ceasefire. They must break all ties with Al-Qaeda and other international terrorist groups. And they must negotiate in good faith.”

Emphasising that the talks in Doha were of great importance, he called them the “best chance for peace in a generation.”

“They must preserve the gains made at such high price over the last two decades, including for women and girls.”

He also said that NATO remains committed to Afghanistan’s long-term security as can be seen for their work with the Afghan National Army Trust Fund Board.

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