NPC Approves 14 New Projects to the Tune of AFG 2.2 Billion

As per a statement issued by the Office of President, it has been announced that the National Procurement Council on Wednesday approved 14 new projects which have a gross value of AFG 2.2 Billion.

Key approvals include the first phase of road between Maruf and Arghistan in Kandahar, printing of 12.2 million books in Dari and Pashto for the Ministry of Education, procurement of 118 types of medicines for Ministry of Public Health, and contract for linking 120 sites of Salam network through ABS7 satellite.

Some other approvals include contract for Ministry of Finance, project for concrete works in Herat customs department, procurement of gas for the National Directorate of Security, procurement of stationery items for the army units, and recommendation by ministry of defense for the procurement of 29 medical items for the Chief of Staff medical facility, extension of fiber optics services in 43 sites for the strategic network of the telecommunications directorate of the Chief of Staff’s office of the Afghan military, and procurement of 13 food items for the Afghan police, police special forces, public order police, and 404 Maiwand Zone.

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