Skateistan Builds new Skatepark and School in Bamyan

Australian charity Skateistan is building a skatepark and school in the city of Bamyan. The organisation already works with hundreds of underprivileged children in the city, reports the Financial Times.

Skateistan was founded by skateboarder Oliver Percovich in 2007 “to give Afghan youth a positive outlet and community.” They reach out to 2,500 children in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa.

In Afghanistan the non-profit works with children who wouldn’t have access to education and are taught to read and write, along with skating at the school’s indoor skatepark.

They are joined by The Skateroom, a Brussels-based brand that is producing limited-edition custom-designed skateboards. Twenty five percent of the proceeds from their sales are going towards social projects.

“We choose artists who want to support our mission, who want to get involved with Skateistan and might even consider going to Afghanistan with us,” says The Skateroom’s founder Charles-Antoine Bodson.

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