Ministry of Finance Presents National Budget for Parliamentary Approval

The Ministry of Finance presented AF 399 billion national budget of financial year 1398 for an approval from the parliament.

According to the Deputy Ministry of Finance for revenue and customs, on Wednesday, national budget document of FY 1398 was present, and he said that out of 399 billion Afghanis, 124 billion were allocated to the development budget and 275 billion have been allocated to the regular budget.

While, Afghanistan faces budget deficits in fiscal year 98 with 2.3 billion Afghanis,
Afghanistan has collected revenue of 387 billion afghanis this year, 51% of which has been funded by donor countries.

Deputy Minister of Finance for Revenue and Customs, Abdullah Raqibi, while addressing the parliament emphasized that the security challenges, the involvement of powerful people in the revenue collection, the tax evasion of private companies, lack of effective cooperation of security institutions at the time of revenue collection, the time-demanding implementation of development projects and smuggling of goods from neighboring countries to Afghanistan are the serious challenges facing the national revenue in the country.

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