Afghan Citizens Paint Afghanistan Post-War World, “If Peace Comes”

Afghan Citizens Paint Afghanistan Post-War World, “If Peace Comes”

29 Jan 2020

The peace talks between the United States and the Taliban insurgents have been followed with ups and downs. But now discussions are underway over the issue of reduction violence in Afghanistan.

The heated negotiations of peace that has been one of the most important issues in Afghanistan has raised many concerns and hopes.

Reactions to the peace talks have begun with women’s concerns about being ignored in the negotiations and followed by the aspirations and dreams of Afghan citizens around the world.

Afghan citizens have recently launched a campaign in Twitter that points to their hopes and wishes if peace comes to Afghanistan.

The Campaing of “If Peace Comes….”

Hila Najibullah, the daughter of Dr. Najibullah – the last Afghan president in the Communist regimes says:

“If peace comes, I will walk from Kabul to Milan and cry over my father and uncle’s graves, praying that no child taste orphanage in Afghanistan. I will build a school near the city and teach in the universities of Afghanistan! I would wake up in the morning and enjoy every moment of my life!..”

Atiya Mehraban, Civil and Women Rights Activist:

“My father fought against Hila’s father but I cried with her saying; if the war ends, I want to build awareness to the point that no ideology is worth the orphanage … Let’s live together, not to be buried side by side..”

Parviz Kawa, Journalist and Poet:

“If a ceasefire happens, I will buy a bicycle and ride to Helmand and Herat. I will go to the “Deh Bala Dast” which its walls are short and people trust each other. I will visit Nuristan wooden houses, will run up to “Jahil Shiwa” and will climb the Bamiyan…”

Farahnaz Foroutan, Journalist and Women Rights Activist:

“When the war is over, I will go to the trenches and plant flowers, hug all burnt villages, kneel down for joy … If there will be a cease-fire! I will take my tape and go to the Helmand plains which will be full of wheat. Along with people, I will listen to Farhad Darya’s songs, singing his songs in every village, every city, plant a tree of friendship and cry with thorns and yelling “Hello Afghanistan” to see my country for the first time.”

Ramin Mazhar, Journalist and Poet:

“I want a ceasefire happens that we can go to Nuristan, run, laugh, sleep, dance, whistle and eat home-made yogurts. Its green hills full of trees, its marvelous sea with a deep sky. We will climb trees to meet their pigeons. I will sing, scream in the mountains of Nuristan. … what about your wishes?

Lina Rozbeh, Journalist and Author:

“If peace comes, I will open a chain of small restaurants in Herat, Balkh, Bamyan, Badakhshan, Nuristan, Nangarhar, Helmand, Kandahar, Kunar, Kabul and Farah … which will have food, music with native design of every province. And the tourist get acquainted with the culture of our land, the food and hospitality of each province …”

Nilofar Muradi, Journalist:

“I wish peace comes that no other woman like my mother would be widowed, I wish the war ends and there will be no forced marriages for girls…”

Abdullah Jahid, Twitter user:

“I promised many of my friends that I would get them to Badakhshan someday. Baharak, Cheshme Asich and Shiwa are the places which I described their beauties to my friends. I would keep my promises if a ceasefire happens…”

Muhammad Akhlaqi, Photographer:

“If peace comes, I will walk to Badakhshan and Nuristan on foot. I once walked from Balkhab of ‘Sar-e Pul’ to Chajin Waras of ‘Bamyan’. It took me nine days to get there. I will go to Nuristan, if the war ends. I will reconstruct the road between Balkhab and Mazar-e Sharif that we would no longer have to walk the 7-hour route in 12 hours.”

Qudus Yazdani, Twitter User:

“When the war is over, I will go to Dand-e Ghori with joy and a patriotic anthem higher than the sound of the sea. I will set up a tent in Cheshme Jangan, laugh with friends and will go Shewa of Badakhshan and celebrate the night and cold there.

Hamidullah Satari, Twitter User:

“If peace comes, I will go to distant provinces that were unsafe and visit the native and noble people of their respective villages and get to know their food, handmade industries and hospitality. We will share the joy and sorrows together and then it will be a great feeling for me to be in every corner of my home.”


Zackaria Noori contributed reporting.


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