Charity In The Corona Age (15); Mina Nikzad And Mirwais Firoozi Donate Wedding Expenses To The Needy Kabulis

This time, in a series of reports on philanthropy, Mina Nikzad and Mirwais Firoozi have been able to contribute to helping the needy.

The couple from Baghlan province decided to help the needy by holding a simple wedding ceremony and allocating its expenses to the needy.

Helping 50 Families

A few months ago, Mina Nikzad was engaged to Mirwais Firoozi, and they decided to help the needy instead of holding a grand wedding ceremony that make them happy and help those around them.

But the young couple were surprised by their family that takes the lead and makes such an offer to Ms. Nikzad and Mr. Firoozi.  The two, who have made such a decision from the beginning, are willing to accept and take action.

“Family members said that now, during this month of Ramadan and in such a critical situation that no one can attend the ceremony, it would be better to allocate the money of expenses for some families to spend it,” said Mina Nikzad.

Empthy And Support

Mina Nikzad’s paternal family is large and knows many people, especially the needy.  In this way, she prepares a list of the needy, most of whom are widows and those who are unable to work.

The couple has donated 100,000 afghanis to help 50 families and distributed 150 buckets of flour to families.

The two, who are from Baghlan province, do not have the experience of providing financial assistance to the needy, but have worked extensively in volunteering programs and social services.

“We both have a good feeling that we have been able to reduce a family’s concerns for at least a while and try to help the needy more than ever before,” Ms.
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Nikzad added.

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