Charity In The Corona Age (3); A Couple From Daikundi, Canceling Their Wedding Party and Donating Food and Hygiene

Following a series of philanthropic reports in the Corona Days, a couple in Kabul dedicated their wedding expenses to helping the needy.

Samira Rashedi and Nasim Fahimi have gotten married, but without any celebration or anthem, they have helped the needy instead; the citizens who are suffering more these days not only the about risk of the coronavirus but also the concerns of money and food.  The young couple is happy to bring a smile on their face that is full of anxiety.

Helping 36 families

The couple had their engagement ceremony three months ago and were scheduled to get married this year, but the outbreak of the coronavirus caused their marriage to be postponed, so Ms. Rashedi and Mr. Fahimi decided to spend their wedding for the needy.

They have donated 80,000 AFN to 36 families.  With this money, they bought some food and hygiene items and paid cash for 6 families.

“My wife and I gave each of these 36 families everything they needed, some of them wanted food, some health supplies, and six families asked for cash for their rent,” Rashidi told Reporterly.  “Let’s pay their rent for a month.”

From the beginning, the couple did not decide to have a big and luxurious wedding, but wanted to have a small party at the invitation of their close friends and spend the rest of their money to create a training center for women and children.

They still insist on this decision, saying that after the end of the crisis and the outbreak of the coronavirus, they will start working and establishing this training center.

“We didn’t want anyone to know, but because friends and acquaintances knew about our wedding, we had to publish it on the Facebook page. We decided to help the people of our country as much as we could,” said Samira Rashedi.  “We have done it. “

What Influences The Decision

The couple is happy about this. But this is not the first time that Samira Rashidi has helped, she is also helping five girls from her hometown.

She has funded five girls from Daikundi province and Sang Takht and Bandar districts since last year so that they can study as well.

The couple are both from Daikundi province, Mr. Fahimi from Nili, Daikundi province and Ms. Rashedi from Sang-e Takht and Bandar remote districts.  Both have a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and sociology from Kabul University, but have met at the Ministry of Urban Development.

Ms. Rashedi added: “I am the youngest child in the family and the only one who studied up to the bachelor’s degree, although my father was my supporter in this way but I had many challenges, we did not have a good economic situation and my brothers did not agree with my education but I was the only one of the 15 girls from Daikundi to take the entrance exam, and then I had to find all my own expenses.”

She was also a teacher to be able to find her expenses in Kabul and finish her education.

That’s why she now pays special attention to Daikundi women and girls, especially the girls in her hometown. She wants all of them to study and helps them as much as she can.

Now they are trying to help the people with their abilities and they are satisfied with that. They believe that everyone should be helped and cared for regardless of ethnicity, religion or race.

“Although the aid was not very large, it could keep the families happy for a while,” the couple added.

Zackaria Noori contributed reporting.

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