Charity in the Corona Age (9); Dr. Ebrahim Jafari, Afghanite Family And Assistance To 150 Needy Families

The risk of a coronavirus outbreak in Afghanistan remains high. The quarantine of cities, one after another, has made many people, especially the day laborers and peddlers, unemployed.  Those who have earned little per day now have no money to spend on their lives.

But in the meantime, many people, including philanthropists, businessmen, and anyone else who has the ability to help those in need, have started working to prevent pre-Corona starvation.

Helping 150 Needy Families

In a series of philanthropic reports, this time I am writing about Afghanite company that it has helped 450 needy families.  The company wrote on its Facebook page, “Understanding the current critical situation caused by the spread of the coronavirus, long-term quarantine, the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan and the severe economic recession that requires the sympathy and support of all segments of society to help vulnerable families. We need to provide a number of food packages to distribute to the real needy. ”

The donations are intended for 450 families, costing nearly 3,000 AFN per family.

Afghanite Company, which provides engineering services in the infrastructure and mining sectors, has received assistance from all its colleagues and employees to pack these aids and distribute them to deserving people, and the needy have been introduced by the company’s employees.

“We have mobilized all our forces to find the needy, and all our colleagues have been tasked with identifying the most deserving of their place, so the list has been arranged and the donations are being distributed,” Dr. Ibrahim Jafari, the company’s chairman, told Reporterly.

Participate In The Charity Program

Not only did the company do the charity itself, but it also invited other veterans, Afghans living abroad and charities to join it.

Mr. Jafari continued: “We hope to have the participation of others in the next steps. If our friends, both inside and outside the country, want to participate in this process, we will use all our organizational strength and power to continue it. In addition. We can also make it easier for those who live abroad and do not have access to assistance.”

The company consists of a set of partners who have all decided to do so because they believe the situation may be more difficult than it is now.

“This is a prelude to further measures. That’s why others have been invited to join,” added the company’s chairman.

Zackaria Noori contributed reporting.

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