Coronavirus in Afghanistan (9): 423 Cases Across 23 Provinces

Coronavirus in Afghanistan (9): 423 Cases Across 23 Provinces

7 Apr 2020

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) says 56 new cases of coronavirus were in the country during the past 24 hours.

The spokesman of MoPH, Wahidullah Mayar said on Tuesday that the number of infected people contracted the coronavirus, include 27 in Herat, 12 in Kabul, 10 in Kandahar, five in Balkh and two in Nangarhar province.

Coronavirus Spreads in 23 Provinces

With the registration of these new events, the number of people infected with the coronavirus in 23 provinces has reached 423, Mayar added.

Now Herat, with 257, and Kabul, with 71, are the two provinces with the highest rates of coronavirus.

However, officials at the Ministry of Health have reported 11 deaths and 18 recovered so far.

Mayar told a press conference that two patients with coronavirus had died in Balkh province; one 86 years old and the other 70 years old who suffered complementary diseases.

This comes as one doctor in Kabul has died of the coronavirus. The doctor died at a private hospital in Kabul from the coronavirus.

The other 20 doctors who have been in contact with the doctor are currently being tested that they do not become infected.

However, the latest report from the Presidential Palace on Tuesday states that 450 million AFN have been allocated to fight the coronavirus in Badakhshan, Kunduz, Baghlan and Takhar provinces.

Of the 450 million AFN, 150 million AFN are allocated to Badakhshan and 100 million AFN each to Kunduz, Baghlan and Takhar provinces.

Testing COVID-19 in Private Hospitals

Meanwhile, the MoHE has asked the private hospitals not to neglect the Corona virus even if they have not the facilities to test the Corona virus, do not stop testing Corona.

According to the ministry, there are more positive cases of coronavirus in western Kabul.  Among those infected with the coronavirus in Afghanistan, 27 percent are women and 73 percent are men, according to Mayar.

In the meantime, Afghan passengers at the Torkham and Spin Boldak crossings who have stranded can enter the country for three days, according to a Pakistani agreement.

Nangarhar Governor Mahmoud Meyakhail said on Monday that the first Afghan passengers had entered the country through the Torkham Pass.

“Our first job is to get passengers on the train, to keep the distances,” Mikhail added.

Earlier, the governor of Nangarhar said that migrants arriving from Pakistan would be quarantined for 14 to 21 days to prevent the outbreak of the coronavirus in Torkham.

Mikhail also criticized a number of lawmakers for failing to quarantine some people who have returned from Pakistan.

However, with the opening of the crossings, nearly 1,000 people will cross these crossings daily.  These crossings were closed about a month ago due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Zackaria Noori contributed reporting.