Coronavirus Update in Afghanistan (11): More Cases and International Concerns over Afghanistan

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has announced that 34 positive cases of coronavirus have been reported in the country during the past 24 hours.

An advisor of MoPH, Vahidullah Majrooh in a press conference said on Saturday that eight people in Herat, eight in Kabul, five in Kandahar, four in Balkh, four in Nimroz, two in Maidan Wardak, one in Ghor, one in Badghis, and one in Baghlan have contracted the coronavirus.

18 Dead

At the same time, it should be noted that with the registration of the new 34 positive cases, the number of people infected with the coronavirus in the country has reached 555 people.  Of those, 37 recovered and 18 others died.

The Afghan embassy in Pakistan also said in a statement that last night that two Afghan migrants had died in Peshawar due to the Coronavirus virus and that two other migrants had been taken to hospital.

So far, three positive cases of the coronavirus have been reported in Bamyan, and local officials in the province have reported movement restrictions and the closure of unnecessary places.

In addition, the governor of Kabul says that 30 mobile teams which include the media, ulema, youth, women and government agencies have started working in Kabul to monitor quarantine and raising public awareness.

30 Mobile Monitoring Teams in Kabul

“From today onwards, 30 mobile teams will be monitoring and informing including the media representatives, ulema, youth, women and government institutions in six zones of the capital (14 districts, and so on) started activities,” Mohammad Yaqub Haydari told a press conference on Saturday.

Due to the fact that Kabul has the highest number of patients after Herat, health officials are trying to take serious measures in the capital.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Health has announced that the Isteghlal Hospital has been dedicated for maternity unit to female coronavirus patients.

The Minister of Public Health said that Firuzuddin Firuz visited Isteghlal Hospital on Saturday and instructed the hospital’s officials to prepare the maternity unit of the hospital for the maternity female patients with the coronavirus.

The international community’s Concerns

However, EU Special Representative for Afghanistan Roland Kobia tweeted on Friday that a humanitarian ceasefire is necessary in Afghanistan.

“Delays in organizing defense against COVID-19 will kill more Afghans than the war,” he said.

Kobia added that Afghanistan could be severely damaged as the situation has just begun and now is the time for all Afghans to defend themselves against the coronavirus.

Earlier, the United Nations and international organizations called for a ceasefire in the world and in Afghanistan.

Zackaria Noori contributed reporting.

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