COVID-19 in Afghanistan (2); Number of Cases Rises to 145

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has confirmed five more positive cases of coronavirus in the country’s western zone.  Vahidullah Mayar, a spokesman for MoPH, said that 22 new positive cases of coronavirus recorded in Herat on Sunday night which the number of cases in Herat reaches to 106.

So far, 10 other cases in Kabul, including 4 NATO Service members and two foreign diplomats have been recorded, as another 5 cases in Farah, 4 cases in Samangan, 4 cases in Nimroz, 3 cases in Logar, 3 cases in Balkh, 2 cases in Zabul,  One case in Ghazni, one in Badakhshan, and one in Kandahar, Daikundi, Nangarhar, Kapisa, Badghis and Sar-e Pul.

Spike in COVID-19 Infections

Following the increase of coronavirus infections, the Ministry of Health has announced that a corona virus detection laboratory (COVID-1) has been inaugurated in Nangarhar province.

The Minister of Health, Firuzuddin Firouz, went to Nangarhar province on Sunday and opened the Corona virus detection laboratory in the province.

According to a statement by the MoPH, the laboratory is equipped with world-class standards and medical facilities that have the capacity to detect up to 100 cases per day.  After Kabul and Herat, Nangarhar is the third province to have the corona virus detection laboratory.

Subsequently, suspected cases of Coronavirus are not sent Kabul anymore; rather, the cases of Kunar and Laghman provinces will also be sent to Nangarhar labs.

100-Bed Hospital in Herat

Herat province’s press office in a press release said that the provincial governor, Abdul Qayoom Rahimi has visited the process of construction of the 100-bed COVID-19 Hospital and expressed optimism saying that  parts of the health problems and doctors will be solved with accessing to treatment facilities.

According to the press release, the construction of the hospital will be completed within 10 days.

Preventing COVID-19 Infections

Baghlan Police officials say more than 3,000 police forces in the province are being vaccinated for prevention of the coronavirus infection.

Gul Mohammed Wafa, an internal specialist for Baghlan Police has confirmed that  vaccine campaign has been launched for more than 3,000 Baghlan police staff to prevent and combat the spread of the Coronavirus.

All the efforts are being made as the number of new cases in Afghanistan reaches to 145.

So far, around 672,666 people have been infected with the coronavirus worldwide, including 31,845 dead and 139,931 recovered.

The United States with 122,666 cases, Italy with 92,000 and 472 cases, China with 81,000 and 439 cases, Spain with 78,779 cases are among the four countries with the highest number of infections.  Italy has the highest death toll compared to the other countries, with 10,023 deaths.

Zackaria Noori contributed reporting.

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