COVID-19 in Afghanistan (6): 273 Afghans Infected Across the Country

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) says 13 new positive cases of coronavirus have been reported in Kabul, Paktia, Baghlan and Kandahar provinces.

The spokesman of MoPH Wahidullah Mayar said that 9 new cases of coronavirus had been reported in Kabul, two in Paktia, one in Baghlan and one in Kandahar province.

At the same time, the Ministry of Public Health announced that 15 new cases of coronavirus had been reported in Herat province.

According to Mayar, the 15 positive cases had been registered in Herat laboratory, 11 of which were men and the four others are women.

Meanwhile, the MoPH has earlier at the day announced that six new positive cases of coronavirus had been reported in Kabul and Daikundi provinces.

273 Infected

Mayar noted that five new coronavirus cases had been diagnosed in Kabul and one another in Daikundi.  According to him, only one patient has the experience of traveling to Iran.

It is worth mentioning that with the registration of this series of new and positive events, the number of people living with the coronavirus in Afghanistan will reach 273.

This comes as the coronavirus has spread to 18 provinces.  After Herat, Kabul tops the list with the highest number of cases.

Government officials are now trying to reduce the spread of the virus by allocating funds to fight the virus. Officials at the Ministry of Public Health say 236 million AFN have been sent to the provinces so far to meet the immediate and basic needs of fighting the spread of the coronavirus.

According to the officials, the Ministry of Public Health has spent a budget of $ 8 million to meet the major needs of the provinces.

28.8 Million AFN Budget

Due to the increase number of positive cases of Coronavirus, a total of 28.8 million AFN has been allocated to Herat province.

Meanwhile, Hafizullah Saadat, the finance and administrative director of the Ministry of Health, said in a joint press conference with the ministry’s spokesman on Thursday: “Given the positive rate of the virus in the provinces, a total of 236 million AFN has been sent to the provinces so far.”

Following the efforts, the Presidential Palace also announced that 160 million AFN have been allocated to fight the coronavirus in Balkh, Samangan, Jawzjan, Sar-e-Pul and Faryab provinces.

According to the Interior Ministry’s press release, Kabul police have prepared all firefighters with 20 vehicles to disinfect neighborhoods in Kabul.

And the Kabul police firefighters team, in collaboration with the municipality, has now begun disinfecting various parts of the city.

Taliban Ceasefire

As the United Arab Emirates sent medical aid to Afghanistan on Wednesday, The first batch of Chinese medical aid arrived in Kabul on Thursday.

The spread of the corona virus has even prompted the Taliban to call a ceasefire to prevent the virus from spreading to areas under their control.

A Taliban spokesman told the Associated Press that “the spread of the virus in areas under their control has escalated, calling for an end to the conflict and ensuring the safety of health workers to travel to these areas.”

However, local news reports from Coronavirus confirmed that a 65-year-old woman had died of the coronavirus in the Daikundi province. Herat province also reported that an elderly man had died of the virus.

With the deaths of the two, the death toll from the Coronavirus in the country has risen to six.

Zackaria Noori contributed reporting.

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