From Being A Blind to Becoming a University Lecturer: Inspiring Life of Bashir Ahmad Rezvani

From Being A Blind to Becoming a University Lecturer: Inspiring Life of Bashir Ahmad Rezvani

25 Nov 2019

Occasionally at the night time, one can be seen in the university corridor, moving with one student taking one of his hands. On Wednesday nights, after the class is over, the lecturer waits for his student to take him home.

This is the routine for Seyyed Bashir Ahmad Rezvani who is a university lecturer in Kabul. Students are overjoyed with his teaching, who is professional in his areas of expertise and better than many fellow lecturers in communicating with his students.

Though it is quiet in the lecturers’ office, but at the first glance, one cannot understand that Mr. Rezvani suffers from blindness.

A Man of Inspiration

Have you ever heard that God puts his most to the loved ones? And sometimes you may have heard from Afghans around that “we are pleased with what God wants”.

Mr. Rezvani repeats the same statement that whatever God wills and whatever His will is, he abides to.

Mr. Rezvani, like many Afghan children, was born in Kabul in the 1988. His father was a government civil servant who at a time served as director of civil aviation in Kabul International airport.

In a middle-class family grew up with two daughters and two sons. Mr. Rezvani, like his brother and sisters, has never experienced having a father. He lost his father at the age of three and grew up almost on his own.

He has completed school in the western Kabul and during the war and Taliban reign. Mr. Rezvani then obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Jurisprudence (Sharia) Law from the University of Kabul in 2010. There is a story behind his enrollment in the Sharia faculty.

An incident that takes a dream

At the beginning of the 12th grade, in 2006, when Mr. Rezvani went to the market to buy stationery, faces a car accident. He was hit hard by a bus. At that moment, Mr. Rezvani only feels severe pain and runs out of consciousness.

According to his family, when he was transferred to the hospital, Mr. Rezvani went into comma because of severe injury and doctors initially assessed that he would not survive, if he did not get up until the next 72 hours.

Mr. Razvani suffered from an eye, hand, and nose injury that could not be identified except for his body.

Rezvani’s family had lost hope about his survival and were preparing for his funeral. But miraculously, he survived and recovered after five days. When he discovers that his family had lost hope and was preparing for his funeral, he gets upset and starts crying.

He cries so much that loses his sight relatively. However, the incident does not disappoint him.

Although Mr. Rezvani was more interested in liberal arts and pursuing a career in medicine, he changed the course of his dreams and this time chose Sharia law for undergraduate studies.

A man of his own life

Currently Mr. Razvani holds a second bachelor’s degree in Sharia law from a private university in Kabul, in addition to a bachelor’s degree in law from Kabul University. He also received a master’s degree in criminal law and criminology.

Mr. Razvani has been working since he was 5 years old, earning his own expenses. Like all other kids in Kabul, he has boiled eggs, sold them and tried many other street jobs to grow.

“Though I had the support of my mother after my father, but she never helped me. I always tried myself and worked hard to achieve my dreams. I and my two older sisters were all deprived of everything in the family. Although I have never found a reason for my mother’s behavior, I have to say, unfortunately, she has never had a sense of motherhood for us,” Mr. Rezvani said in an interview with Reporterly.

Mr. Rezvani was his only motivation during these years to change his life. Now that he is a university lecturer and is teaching, sometime, faces many more challenges from the students and the community.

A Failed Love

Mr. Rezvani who is still amazed at his life and family, raises many questions in his head. The last one why to be away from all those loved ones in the family.

He is deeply saddened by his mother’s disdain love.

“I still don’t know why I should not be supported by my father, mother and family. Why I should stay alone and feel lonely despite having a family,” he said with a voice full of sorrow in the throat.

But among those who have not had the chance to help Mr. Rezvani, there is also one who could not help him in his love fortune.

Mr. Rezvani witnessed the marriage of his beloved girl to someone else while studying for a master’s degree. He is now living with sadness but determined.

Sometimes we do not know what people around us have and even what the mysterious story is hidden behind their faces.

Saying whatever God wants, Rezvani declared that now he is happy with his life.