Indian Elections Counting Day

Indian Elections Counting Day

23 May 2019

After seven phases of intense polling and campaigning,  counting is underway in the world’s largest elections. This election witnessed old allies parting ways, old foes turning into new allies, parties making inroads in unexpected states, violence marred party clashes during voting and many more.

The world has its eyes on India while millions of Indians are holding their breath as the numbers keep coming out. While counting of votes has begun all across the country, the Election Commission of India began releasing leads on all 543 constituencies at 8 am Indian time. As of now, the EC has put out leads for 495 constituencies.

The latest trends, as of 9:55 am, shows that the leading Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the PM Narendra Modi’s party is leading in 269 seats The principle opposition and the country’s grand old party- The Indian National Congress is leading in 51 seats.

While the general estimate of the 2019 Indian national elections was that the incumbent BJP and PM Narendra Modi will not secure a majority like the one they won in 2014, exit polls suggest an overwhelming victory to the ruling party.

Source for the image: Election Commission of India (