Kunduz: Citizens Complain over Market Instability and Concerned about the Spread of Coronavirus

Following the increase of prices in Kabul and other provinces, the residents of Kunduz province have also complained about rising of food prices.

After the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country, food prices suddenly rose.  Although the situation is now under control in other parts of the country, some citizens of Kunduz are still complaining.

Tripled than the Past

“This problem is going on not only in Kunduz but in all provinces,” said Enayatullah Khaliq, head of the Kunduz Civil Society. “In Kunduz, the virus rose dramatically in the early days of the outbreak, but with the formation of the controling Committee, the situation was partially contained, but is not enough, because all the needs of the people have doubled or tripled.”

However, the provincial officials have denied raising food prices, saying food is being sold at the expense of other cities.

Though no positive incidents have been reported in Kunduz so far, members of Kunduz provincial council, civil society and its people are concerned about the outbreak of corona in the province.

Safiaullah Amiri, a member of the Kunduz Provincial Council, said: “Currently, the number of people infected with the coronavirus is zero, according to the head of Public Health department.  He was positive and the media reported it in Kunduz. There was an individual

Who travelled to Kunduz from Kabul and tested positive. The media reported his case to the name of Kunduz province.”

However, the head of the civil society said that the local government did not pay any attention to the precautionary measures, adding: “It is a big mistake for us to think that this virus will first spread in the city and then start spreading, but we must try to prevent it from spreading in the city.”

 Health Care Facilities

Kunduz is one of the provinces that has not had any statistics on the prevalence of coronavirus. Several suspected cases of the virus in the people have also been reported negative after the tests.

There is no Corona Diagnosis Center in Kunduz, and the blood test of the suspect cases must be sent to Kabul and it will take 2 to 3 days that the result to be clear.

Some civil society activists are adding that there will be a catastrophe if the virus spreads in Kunduz.

By the suggestion of the director of public health department, the governor’s office has also assigned the Spinzer Hospital to potential patients. According to Esmatullah Moradi, a spokesman for the province, the hospital was built and equipped for such a conditions.

50 beds of the Kunduz 100-bed hospital is now ready with all the equipment and health workers ready to work.
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Some government and non-government agencies are also preparing to allocate their own buildings in the event of an outbreak of coronavirus in Kunduz.

A number of members of the Provincial Council and civil society have expressed satisfaction with some of the measures taken by the local government, but said that these measures are not enough and that more attention should be paid to the provincial health department than the central province.

None-Essential Movements Restrictions

There are still no movement restrictions in Kunduz.  Some people in the province have not taken any preventive measures and are not observing health issues, and most of the areas and markets are open to the public.

Esmatullah Moradi, a spokesman for the province, told Reporterly: “Preliminary measures have been taken and relative restrictions have been imposed in the province. Two commissions are working at the same time, one is the Public Health Commission to raise awareness and the next is the committee is to control the price of food to prevent hoarding, to block salons, baths and to prevent gatherings. ”

“Some of the city’s traders have also decided to collect cash and buy goods at a lower price than the original price,” he added.

Although the newcomers to the province are being tested by health teams, members of the provincial council want all traffic in Kunduz to be stopped and for passengers to pass through the province without stopping due to the province’s transit system route.

This comes as during the immigrants who have returned from Iran and traveled to Takhar and Badakhshan have a stoppage in this city too.

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