After Being Allowed To Travel Outside Afghanistan by Taliban, Karzai Meets Senior NRF Member in Germany

The latest: Former president of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai met Fazl Ahmad Manawi, a senior member of the National Resistance Front (NRF) in Germany.

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  • Karzai is in Berlin currently and his meeting a Taliban opponent has grabbed many eyeballs.
  • Manawi tweeted a photo of the meeting and praised Karzai’s stance on education, political system, and respect for national figures.
  • “His position on girls’ education, respect for national heroes and other personalities, efforts to prevent oppression and violence, and achieving a popular system with those living in the atmosphere of repression in Kabul are commendable,” Manawi wrote on Twitter.
  • As per the photo from the meeting with Manawi, other political figures including former chief of staff of president, Karim Khoram, had been present.
  • The purpose of Karzai’s trip to Germany is not yet clear.

Back story: It was only on December 3 that former Afghan President Hamid Karzai could leave for the United Arab Emirates on his first trip out of the country since the Taliban conquest in August last year.

  • The Taliban had imposed travel restrictions on several senior Afghan officials, including the former president.

Zoom out: This comes even as last month, the former government’s Minister of Justice, Fazal Ahmad Manawi, said visited Europe to meet with human rights organizations and discuss genocide, war crimes, and human rights violations in Afghanistan

  • Manawi, who is considered to be close to Ahmad Massoud, the leader of the National Resistance Front, recently delivered documents to the International Criminal Court that include the crimes of the Taliban.
  • While the Taliban are accused of extrajudicial killings, arbitrary detentions, and other blatant violations of human rights, especially against Afghan women, the group denies the claims maintaining that they are propaganda.
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