Influencial Tribal Elder, Son’s Dead Bodies Surface In Ghor Two Months After Taliban Had Detained Them

What happened? The dead bodies of an influential tribal elder and his son had been discovered on Sunday night in the city of Firouzkoh in Ghor province, almosg two months after they went missing.

Go deeper:

  • Haji Ahmad Khan Rasouli and his son Sharafuddin had been arrested by the intelligence department of the Taliban two months ago, as per sources.
  • Taliban had earlier refuted reports of their detention.
  • Now, their bodies have been transferred to the mortuary of Ghor Provincial Hospital.
  • Rasouli was one of the most influential tribal elders in Al-Farooq district of Ghor province, who had joined this group a year before the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.
  • Rasouli’s relatives had claimed that they had visited the provincial administration and the Taliban intelligence department often, but no information was provided.
  • Earlier, even residents of al-Farooq district of Ghor province, in a letter to Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund, the prime minister of the Taliban, demanded the release of this tribal leader and his son.
  • The family of Ahmad Khan Rasouli and his son Sharafuddin Rasouli say that they did not have access to a lawyer and the Taliban told them that they arrested these two people on the “order of the elders”.
  • Taliban officials srill remain tight-lipped about the incident.

Zoom out: There have been similar cases in the past wherein the Taliban has been repeatedly accused of arresting, torturing and killing civilians.

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