Young Woman Murdered by Husband in Afghanistan’s Uruzgan Province

What happened? Local sources in Uruzgan province on Thursday said that a man in Char Chino district of this province shot his wife dead.

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  • Ehsanullah Hamas, the Taliban’s spokesperson for Uruzgan governor said that the accused’s named is Mohammad Nasim and he is currently on the run.
  • A source also told Reporterly that the accused had married only four months ago.
  • According to the source, the incident occurred due to family differences. However, the motive of this murder is still not clear yet.
  • Taliban local officials said that investigation is currently underway in the case.
  • Uruzgan province is one of the fairly insecure provinces in the southwest Afghanistan which has witnessed violent incidents earlier too.

Zoom out: The UN rights chief, Volker Türk on December 27, 2022, had urged the Taliban to revoke immediately a raft of policies that target the rights of women and girls in Afghanistan, saying that they cause “terrible, cascading effects” on their lives and risk destabilizing the nation. The High Commissioner also voiced deep concern that increased hardship in Afghan society is likely to increase the vulnerability of women and girls to sexual and gender-based violence and domestic violence.

  • In fact, various reports also highlight witness accounts of women who have stated that with the increase in restrictions regarding their life, even at home they are now facing more domestic violence.
  • Afghan women cannot even rely on the justice system now as Afghanistan had more than 300 female judges presiding over judicial departments that ranged from women’s issues to criminal and terrorism-related cases. Several hundred judges have since escaped to other countries, and some 70 female judges – if not more – are in hiding and unable to return to work.
  • There has recently been a discernible increase in reports of suicide, domestic violence, honour killings, family disputes, and interpersonal animosity since the Taliban took control.
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