Kabul: Women issues in Afghanistan have once again come into the spotlight, three months after the Taliban took over Afghanistan. The biggest worry is education for girls and women, which seems to have come to a standstill due to Taliban’s rules and regulations. Go deeper: Twenty years of progress has seen an abrupt stop with the closure of schools and even universities. The Taliban’s

25 November 2021

Kabul: The full withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan by May 1 will be difficult due to logistical reasons, said Jennifer Rene Psaki, the White House press secretary in a briefing on Monday. Psaki in the press conference at the White House said that the US President Joe Biden had also spoken about the problems and expectations regarding the troop pullout from Afghanistan. "As the President

6 April 2021

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) says two new cases of coronavirus have been reported in Kabul. The spokesman of MoPH Wahidullah Mayar said on late Wednesday that two new positive cases of the Covid-19 were reported in Kabul province during the past 24 hours. Past 24 hours: 41 other coronavirus cases were also reported in Herat province’s laboratories. COVID-19 positive cases (Herat

2 April 2020

15-year-old Gmail never fails to surprise us with its offerings. Today on April 1, 2019, Gmail launched yet another couple of features to serve its customer base. Google Compose and Schedule messages. To make the user experience more interactive, actionable and hassle-free, Gmail has launched an update to the Google Compose feature. This feature works on the Smart Reply concept of Google which in

2 April 2019

During a testimony to the Senate Select Committee, regarding the potential peace agreement with the Taliban, CIA Director Gina Haspel said “a very robust monitoring regime” would be essential in Afghanistan and the US needed to retain the capability to act in “national interests”. “It’s very important that we maintain pressure on the terrorist groups that are there and so if there were an

30 January 2019